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I am a mother of two girls and live in a two hundred year old house in a Dorset village. I love to bake, knit and sew. I love social history and collect vintage everything, I sell the overspill on Etsy

Friday, March 25, 2011

Well I had better get started on this blog again as I am home and dry until my next surgery in May and I would like to start writing about life again and the fun I am having with my passion for vintage.

I have even started selling some pieces, even as a child I would traipse around with my nan who loved jumble sales, there were no charity shops then. Nothing can compare to the buzz that I get when I happen upon something that catches my eye. Sometimes I get a feeling even before I see it.

My latest obsession is gloves, long evening gloves to be precise and the day that I discover a pair of Opera gloves will be a heady one.

Today though, I am mostly baking and this is the Victoria sponge that I made and as I am writing, I have Cinnamon rolls in the oven, the house smells divine...

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