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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Last Easter I missed everything, I had just come out of Intensive Care and was on Intravenous nutrition- no chocolate eggs for me.

I had been so gravely ill and was lucky to have survived.

I spent most of 2010 in hospital having
antibiotics, blood tests, surgeries, scans and procedures.
It seemed endless but I had lots of rest and time to knit, read and think, and plan and boy did I do some planning.
All the things I was going to make and cook and do. All the love I was going to show and so far I have tried to it all, and I have made some progress.

This Easter I have made...

A Simnel Cake

Hot Cross buns, with worryingly hard pastry crosses

and Easter decorations in a corner of our house, and this is just the beginning. I would like to carry on this year with doing things, rather than thinking what I would like to do and then feeling vaguely disappointed when I never get around to it

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Gladys said...

Oh you made me so hungry. These look so yummy!