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Monday, October 31, 2011

In Real Life...

This is me aged about 2. I was adopted when I was 3. It had a profound effect on me and I have had issues with trusting people ever since.
I look at that tabula rasa little girl and wonder what she would have grown to be if she had a stable background.
I was lucky enough to trace my birth mother. Unusually she was married to my father. This is them on their wedding day.
I have a fairly distant relationship with my birth mother. Sadly my birth father died before I met him again. Last time I saw him I was 2 years old.

My adoptive dad is wonderful, just how a dad should be and I love him dearly. He is 91 and still cooks, does his own shopping and enjoys a drink with his friends.

I have had a stormy relationship with my adoptive mum but as we have got older we have both mellowed, she always did her best for me.

This post is a tribute to all my parents- I also have a stepmother and stepfather.  It is all very confusing but I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. Adoption was easier in the 1960s, now you have to jump through so many hoops, it doesn't seem to be about the child but about political correctness and the news today about the shameful slowness of the adoption process in the UK sounds so bleak.
The child's happiness should come first, every child should have parents who love and want them


Anonymous said...

Brave of you to post this, as after knowledge some just look at you as a problem. Another injured child here. Best news is you have survived and been able to "see" that the fault is not yours. Keep on living and doing. Happy New Year. I may be ANON but its Joan AKA Mad Bird Designs UK darn computer probs.

Deborah said...

Thanks for your response Joan, lovely to hear from you and have a happy and creative New Year!