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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Works in progress

And finished, yes finished Noro Kuryeon socks. They were supposed to match but the yarn had many knots which caused rather abrupt changes in colour.

Here is the Noro Silk Garden Gilet, my own pattern. I love this yarn, it is shade 86 which I think is discontinued. I love the deep Magenta tones and the jewel like turquoise colours.
It is enjoyable brainless knitting, perfect for watching films, I also find it quite meditative.
This is the semi complete needlepoint from my previous post. Of course I am not following instructions and using my own colourway. I love needlepoint but have several huge projects on the go which will take years to complete, this is portable, fun and, importantly, finishable.

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Anonymous said...

Gilet looks lovely