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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Walking the Dog

I wore my Gilet that I have just finished and took a photo of it au naturel
Shall I jump in? Looks so cool and inviting
The wild Irises are stunning

I love this weather and have started walking our Border Collie in the evenings when it is cooler. We usually walk along the river Frome, it's so peaceful, all you can hear are the splashes of the fat trout jumping to catch their dinner.

I thought of this poem by Valentine Ackland as I walked. She lived and died in this village

"Praise God for the sheep on the tall, green hill,
And for the shadows passing over the grass where they walk;
Praise God for the spear-heads of weeds in the river,
And for the heart-shapes they make when the flow changes;
Praise God for the flower of the rose and it's cruel stalk,
For the moonlit pallor of the spring as it dies forever,
For the careless wind that wakens and then estranges-
Praise God for the things I saw when I walked on the hill"

and I , though not overly religious, praise God for my life and what it has taught me, that simple pleasures are to be treasured as they are the best...


kv said...

that is some seriously beautiful countryside......

Deborah said...

Hardy Country, it has an unearthly beauty...