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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Nanna knitted this bunny. When she wanted/needed something ,more often than not, she made it.
If she knew how much I spent on Yarn, she would be spinning in her grave...
I have had plenty of time to think about her recently as I have been hospitalised for months, had surgery and have been effectively bedridden since March.
When I was well enough, I was knitting socks- six pairs!
At the moment, I am knitting some Kaffe Fassett Regia Design Line socks in Amazon, I love this Yarn but I believe that I have a rogue batch as I keep coming across frayed bits which I have to break and join together again.
The socks are my usual Vanilla ones, mindless, relaxing, round and round knitting.
I love it and I love being well again (well, on the way) and being at home.

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Rachael said...

What a pretty little bunny. I feel a little ashamed at how much I have spent on yarn over the years too....I'd never add it all up.
Sorry to hear you have been so unwell, I hope you'll be at home and feeling much better for Christmas.