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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hustle and Bustle

I had one of the best sorts of days today. Up early and caught the bus to one of the small market towns nearby. This busy little town is nestled beneath the hills of West Dorset and is a treasure trove for the vintage lover. I was aided and abetted by my daughter during this excursion.

This is one of my favourite shop fronts, they always have a great display and the produce is both fresh and with an emphasis on local

We investigated the thrift shops and junk shops and came away with a small cache of vintage needlework books, including this

I am so curious about the author's name, The Madge of Truth?

I could find no excuse for buying this!

We had tea in one of our favourite haunts.

Window shopped and browsed. It was market day so it was busy and noisy with lots to tempt us.

Truly a day well spent and then a bus journey home around the tiny lanes underneath Eggardon, then back to the village to unpack the bags and decant the day's spoils.
There was a distinct smell of Spring in the air today, at times I swear that there was a warm breeze and the light seemed different. The long winter is coming to an end, yesss!

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