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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Freshly Baked..

I made these outrageous cakes yesterday. Sponge based and with icing made with fresh strawberries, they are really scrumptious.

They are so ridiculously over the top in their pink glittery splendour that my daughter laughed out loud when I offered her one and I have to smile every time that that I look at them. 

There aren't many left now...

And talking of outrageous, I see that David Bowie's location for the album cover of Ziggy Stardust has received a Black Plaque to commemorate it.
I love Mr Bowie in all of his alter egos, the first record I ever bought was in 1973, Life on Mars. I still have it, in a battered picture cover.
40 -yes 40! - years later I have a daughter who paints Bowie Owls

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MadBirdDesignsUK said...

OMG I have just gone up a dress size just looking at those cakes. AND I have that album in the vinyl version too!