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Monday, March 19, 2012

Thrift Shop Splurge

Town beckoned today, I had to pay some money into the bank and try to find some kind of support for my arthritic wrist (Arthritis at my age, I am not even particularly old)
High street chemists had nothing- I ended up by getting one from Ebay when I got home. 

I had a bit of time after Waitrose and before the train went so I thought I would have a look in one of the thrift shops.
Famous last words....
I found some old souvenirs of June 1952

Just right for a regal cup of tea.

or coffee.

I love these old china beakers. I also scored a huge old china mixing bowl for my baking endeavors and a set of  Arcopal dishes, one large and about eight small ones in a petal design in pale pastels. They have been paid for and left at the shop for me to collect when I go in on Wednesday and have transport as they are unbelievably heavy.
It has also been a WOW day for sales in my Etsy shop, which has been brilliant and means that I can buy the rest of the wool for my Albion tapestry that I have just started in a late burst of patriotism.

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