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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Market Day

The local market town was immortalized by Thomas Hardy in his book The Mayor of Casterbridge, fortunately it is no longer possible to sell your wife on market day!
I headed for the market today with my eldest daughter for my Mother's Day treat, tea and home made cakes and a day of shopping, the best type of day, especially when I am not paying.

First stop, the market, where I had to be dragged away from these baby aubergines or eggplants

The butcher's stall, I remember when I was a child, crowds of women used to gather in front of these stalls and almost come to blows over a mixed bag of meats a a bargain price. Does it still happen? My Nan always used to be in the scrum.

Then the cheese stall where I bought Blue Vinney and Somerset Brie

Then a thorough trawl of the "antique" stalls where I found some real treasures for the shop.
I saw some interesting Kings and Queens of England cigarette cards but had to walk away as too expensive for me, also Cary Grant's autograph on an old cigarette packet, a snip at £100 and totally out of my league.

My brother used to have loads of Dinky cars like the ones above. I love the way they are all lined up as if they have been parked.

Then lunch, sushi and fruit juice in a small graveyard behind the shops. The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm. We walked to the huge antique market, a real gem of a place on a trading estate and scoured the place for treasure. As usual I came back with a piece of Poole Pottery.

Robert Jefferson designed this Lucullus design of oven to tableware in the early 1960s. It is silkscreen printed and the base is in the Blue Moon cameo glaze.

And I forgot to take a photo of the cake so here are some hyacinths instead because they are my favourite flowers and because my favourite thing to do is to eat cakes and drink tea with my beautiful, creative and fun daughter, who has just got her first serious job and who is leaving home properly in June.

Just for the record she had chocolate cake and I had coffee cake, slabs the size of housebricks, wonderful stuff. Good times...


Attic24 said...

oooooooo which town is the market in? Looks lovely, I wonder if it's near my neck o the woods (Bridport)

Deborah said...

'tis Dorchester. I love Bridport, did a post on it a while back x