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I am a mother of two girls and live in a two hundred year old house in a Dorset village. I love to bake, knit and sew. I love social history and collect vintage everything, I sell the overspill on Etsy

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Pottering

I love pottering, especially on sunny days and preferably at weekends. Today has been gloriously sunny and warm, this morning I had to paint my toenails and put my Birkenstocks on- in March! Is this a record?

So today I repotted the courgettes, inspected the tomatoes, sowed some green beans and put some sweet pea seeds in to soak ready for sowing tomorrow.

I also did three loads of washing- which I was able to dry on the line-yippee, no more festooned radiators or tumble dryer hum.

Also photographed some vintage scarves to sell in my Etsy shop..

Very County Set

 and rephotographed the exquisite christening gown that I put in the shop yesterday.

I even tidied up my corner of the sitting room. It is quite some time since I was able to shut the lid of my sewing box.

and now I am relaxing and planning knitting projects  with this....
(Although I don't understand why it cannot be called Vogue Knitting in the UK)

Happy spring and don't forget to put the clocks forward by one hour tonight if you are in the UK.


Kre8ive Life said...

Hi Deborah, Thanks for popping by my little blog - www.kre8ivelife.blogspot.com I hope you come again soon. I think your daughters would still love a dolls house! I don't think you ever grow out of your lovel for them. Then then they will have one to pass on to any little lovely that might come into their life at some stage.

Rachael said...

I did forget the clocks! First time ever but it was a nice surprise.